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Caribbean, Panama Canal & Mexican Riviera

January 5-24 19 4101   New Orleans to Honolulu
Australia, New Zealand & Tahiti
January 24 - February 03 10 4102   Round - Trip Honolulu
February 03 - 13 10 4103   Round - Trip Honolulu
February 13 - 23 10 4104   Round - Trip Honolulu
February 23 - March 13 18 4105   Honolulu to Auckland
March 13 - 26 13 4106   Auckland to Sydney
March 26 - April 09 14 4107   Sydney to Singapore
  Africa, Asia & Far East
April 09 - 23 14 4108   Singapore to Hong Kong
April 23 - May 05 12 4109   Hong Kong to Beijing
May 05 - May 16 11 4110   Beijing to Tokyo
May 16 - May 30 15 4111   Tokyo to San Francisco
  Alaska & West Coast
Crystal Cruises, Crystal Harmony May 30 - June 11 12 4112   Round - Trip San Francisco
June 11 - 23 12 4113   Round - Trip San Francisco
June 23 - July 05 12 4114   Round - Trip San Francisco
July 05 - 17 12 4115   Round - Trip San Francisco
July 17 - 29 12 4116   Round - Trip San Francisco
July 29 - August 10 12 4117   Round - Trip San Francisco
August 10 - 22 12 4118   Round - Trip San Francisco
August 22 - September 03 12 4119   Round - Trip San Francisco
September 03 - 15 12 4120   Round - Trip San Francisco
September 15 - 27 12 4121   Round - Trip San Francisco

Caribbean, Panama Canal & Mexican Riviera

Crystal Cruises, Crystal Harmony September 28 - October 08 10 4122   Round - Trip Los Angeles
October 08 - 24 16 4123   Los Angeles to Fort Lauderdale
October 24 - 31 7 4124   Round - Trip Fort Lauderdale
October 31 - November 07 7 4125   Round - Trip Fort Lauderdale
November 07 - 18 11 4126   Fort Lauderdale to Caldera
November 18 - 29 11 4127   Caldera to Fort Lauderdale
November 29 - December 09 10 4128   Round - Trip Fort Lauderdale
December 09 - 21 12 4129   Fort Lauderdale to New Orleans
December 21 - January 04 14 4130   Round - Trip New Orleans
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